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    Companies and organizations need to stand up in the modern world, where everyone is connected. Feeling lost in a sea of media presented in all digital appliances and applications is normal. The increasing need for video, exciting clear pictures, Virtual reality, and Augmented reality in websites, advertising, and communications can be overwhelming and hard to manage. This increased amount of multimedia needs to be accompanied by audio and music. I am dedicated to helping artists, companies, and organizations break through the crowd.  

    Creating exciting, immersive sound design and original music tagged to media assets. We can set the content apart from others and make an audience more involved with your message. Each project requires special care and attention. Careful planning and organization make any media endeavor run smoothly from conception to delivery. I can manage projects of all sizes, from a single 30-sec spot to a feature film. I thrive on challenging situations and enjoy problem-solving. Managing and coordinating crews and staff is a crucial part of any enterprise. Clear internal communication and effective methods of collaboration can take many forms. Technology and methods evolve continuously. As a dedicated technologist, I maintain a constant habit of training on the leading edge. To facilitate the adoption of new techniques in client engagements, one must determine the best option for the project’s budget.  

    It all starts and ends with prompt and clear communication. Understanding the objectives and audience of the project is my first order of business in any client interaction. This clear communication will allow us to arrange a plan and schedule appropriate for the proposal’s scope. I break the work needed into logical sections and resolve the crew levels required to complete tasks with enough advance. I always leave enough time and budget contingency to deal with unexpected circumstances. By Sourcing appropriate levels of qualified professionals and setting an effective organizational structure, we achieve a proactive team. I love working with others to make things happen toward solving the problems in front of us.  

    We strive for the implementation of Multimedia technologies in functional spaces, creating digital video assets in UHD, immersive audio, multitrack recording, and music composing. I aim to provide deliverables in time. I always expect to deliver excellent service to all my clients.  

    My studio allows for the efficient creation, production, and delivery of these assets in most cases. My good standing with other facilities and professionals will enable me to find the right location and crew to fulfill any project type. I hope to be of service should you have any video, audio, or interactive needs.


New Feature "Golgotha" in ATMOS

KM cinema's Empyrean Motion Pictures' new feature "Golgotha " audio is currently in post-production. Juno Black Music is handling all audio elements, including the original Score, SFX, and foley. With final dubbing in our Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 suite, it will…

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Suffolk theatre

We just finished an install in a beautiful Theater in Belmead, NY. The Suffolk was renovated top to bottom to his Golden years wonder. We got the honor to conduct the sound system installation and design.  We decided to go…

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AES Report

Being part of the AES is so useful in terms of learning and networking.I encourage young engineers to get involved. As technology changes are exponentially increasing year to year, the need of staying on the top of your game is…

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Jazz reach in St louis

Touring with Jazzreach is always fun we engage kids 4-18 and educate them in the history and importance of Jazz music in America. We have a variety of interactive programs and try to expand the understanding of the relationship of…Read more
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Gallery hypnotica, 8400 US_290, Austin, TX

Digitalized, featuring the talents of Andrew Twenter on drums and Wesley Steck on bass. This innovative show promises a fusion of cutting-edge digital soundscapes and live performance, orchestrated by audiovisual technology maestro Juno Black. With a distinguished career in music composition, engineering, and events production.Juno's flair for blending technology with artistic expression guarantees a night of spectacular audiovisual delight. GET TICKETS

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